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Grit Blasting UK is the UK's leading Surface Preparation Company. With our head office in Wiltshire we cover all UK locations for larger construction and contract work.

We also have dedicated blasting facilities in Devizes, Wiltshire and Andover, Hampshire.

Our team is fully trained and have experience in blast cleaning, surface preparation, powder coating and paint spraying services. We provide an on-going training programme to ensure we keep pace with developments in the industry. Our experience ranges from blasting small items through to big construction projects like road bridges, warehouses and Wind Turbines. We specialise in agricultural and fleet equipment too.

Our mobile blasting equipment and our continuing investment in the latest blasting technology means we can undertake contracted work of any size. This includes floor preparation and large-scale blasting and paint spraying.

We are experienced at cleaning the largest of exteriors such as buildings, wharfs and tunnels.

As well as our large contracted work, we also provide vehicle cleaning such as lorry bodies, arboricultural equipment and agricultural equipment.

Grit Blasting UK enjoys working with a whole range of clients, and is proud to include Ministry of Defence contractors as one of its major customers. Contact us for more information on our services and how we can help you.

Our Expertise

Surface preparation is the process of removing existing coatings and corrosion from surfaces such as steelwork, stone walls, stoves/fireplaces, oak beams, silo storage tanks and larger structures such as steel bridges.

We specialise in the application of surface coatings including industrial paint spraying of primers, top coats and fire protection coatings. The right surface coating will provide excellent anti-corrosion protection as well as ensuring durability, temperature tolerance, hardness, friction resistance and defence from chemical attack.

Grit Blasting UK has in-house blasting facitilities as well as mobile units. We are able to undertake any size jobs, big or small and geography is no barrier to procuring or using our services. We operate nationally across the UK.

See our gallery for examples of the work we do.

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