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Welcome to our 'Before' and 'After' Gallery


Here are a few photos of our past work which features an array of the types of work we are able to carry out. If you have something similar that you'd like a quote for please get in touch on the contact page! Thanks


[Storage Silo]   [Storage Silo]        
[Concrete Preparation]   [Concrete Preparation]   [Tank - Before Blasting]   [Tank - After Blasting & Painting]
[Churn - Before Blasting]   [Churn - After Blasting]   [Brickwork - Before Blasting]   [Brickwork - After Blasting]
[Drier - Before Blasting]   [Drier - After Blasting]   [Concrete Ceiling - Before/After Blasting]    
[Stonework - Before Blasting]   [Stonework - After Blasting]   [Paint Removal for Re-rendering - Before]   [Paint Removal for Re-rendering - After]
[Brick Fireplace - Before Blasting]   [Brick Fireplace - After Blasting]   [Stone Gatepost - Before Blasting]   [Stone Gatepost - After Blasting]
[Wind Turbine - Before Blasting]   [Wind Turbine - During Blasting]   [Wind Turbine - After Blasting / Recoating]   [Dumper - Blasted and Repainted]
[Tracked Dumper - Before]   [Tracked Dumper - After]   [Oak Frame - Before Blasting]   [Oak Frame - After Blasting]
[Roll On / Off Body - Before]   [Roll On / Off Body - After]   [Roll On / Off Body - Before]   [Roll On / Off Body - After]
[Machine Before Blasting]   [Machine Blasted and Primed]   [Road Roller Before]   [Road Roller After]
[Stained Kitchen Door Before]   [Kitchen Door After Low Pressure Blast]   [Wooden Stairs Before Blasting]   [Wooden Stairs After Blasting]
[Garden Pots Before / After Blasting]   [Garden Chairs Before / After Blasting]   [Bridge Steel Work After Blasting]   [Bridge Steel Work Before Blasting]
[Steel Fire Escape After Blasting]   [Steel Fire Escape Before Blasting]   [Steel Roof Truss After Blasting]   [Steel Roof Truss Before Blasting]
[Brick Work After Blasting]   [Brick Work Before Blasting]   [Horse Box After Blasting]   [Horse Box Before Blasting]
[Painted Oak Wood After Blasting]   [Painted Oak Wood Before Blasting]   [Canal Barge After Blasting]   [Canal Barge Before Blasting]
[Hue's Trailer After Blasting & Painting]   [Hue's Trailer Before Blasting]   [Old Steam Engine After Blasting]   [Old Steam Engine Before Blasting]
[Stone Fireplace After Blasting]   [Stone Fireplace Before Blasting]   [Painted Oak Beams After Blasting]   [Painted Oak Beams Before Blasting]
[Painted Steel Footbridge After Blasting]   [Painted Steel Footbridge Before Blasting]   [New Oak Frame After Blasting]   [New Oak Frame Before Blasting]
[Rusted Steel Piles After Blasting]   [Rusted Steel Piles Before Blasting]   [Painted Ext. Brickwork After Blasting]   [Painted Ext. Brickwork Before Blasting]
[Steel Silo (Corrosion) After Blasting]   [Steel Silo (Corrosion) Before Blasting]   [Interior Wall After Blasting]   [Interior Wall (Burnt) Before Blasting]
[Concrete Bridge After Blasting]
Ready for Recoating
  [Concrete Bridge Before Blasting]
  [Subway After Blasting]
Surface Prepared for Repainting
  [Subway Before Blasting]


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