What we do – its a lot!

We are asked occasionally what we do as a company. Its really hard to categorize, as Grit Blasting is just one of many surface preparation services we do for clients. As we have expanded, we have developed new skills and new technologies.

But in short, we blast clean anything from small home renovation items through to wind turbines, warehouses and steel bridges – and anything in between!

Here for example is a building frame that we recently grit blasted, then using an airless sprayer, we covered it in primer, supplied by Promain Paints Ltd. So in this case we have used our blast cleaning skills, along with out paint spray capabilities to offer our client a one-stop shop service in surface preparation.

Blast clean and spraying from Grit Blasting UK

In the photo above you can see the new shiny paint on a dumper. In this case, we have a number of contracts with local equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We help them blast clean their equipment, ready for re-spraying. Examples include aboricultural and agricultural equipment.

We have two blasting yards – one in Andover and one in Devizes. We also travel anywhere in the UK to undertake surface preparation work. One of our popular mobile services is floor preparation, where we have specialist concrete grinding expertise and equipment to remove stubborn contaminants, and the skills to apply new coatings to the freshly prepared surface.

So if you our your business needs specialist contractor services for surface preparation, please do visit our website where you will find case studies and details on our service. We are the UK’s leading surface preparation company, offering high value blast cleaning, paint spraying and powder coating facilities.