Surface preparation – swimming pool case study

Before blasting, where the existing coating was failing…

Ever wondered how to remove an existing coating from a swimming pool?

This is one of our latest projects – the removal of surface coatings from a swimming pool.

The coating on this swimming pool had started to fail, and water was getting behind the top coat. Grit Blasting UK removed all of the coatings, ensuring a clean substrate ready for re-coating.

The pools side and flooring was blasted to remove all of the existing coating.

After blasting….ready for re-coating

The products that were recommended included:

Primer. Dampshield.

Build coat.  Profloor plus epoxy.

Top coat .  P101 two pack polyurethane. 

These products were supplied by Promain UK Ltd.

From home renovation projects like brickwork fireplaces and chimney breasts to blast cleaning industrial units, we offer a comprehensive service for external and internal walls, ceilings, and complete buildings.

We ensure that the right media and the right amount of pressure is applied when we are blasting, giving you confidence in the care we take with your materials when working on any surface preparation project.

Blast cleaning does not damage your original brickwork. We can remove old layers of paint and contamination to restore brick work to its original condition, preparing the surface for a new coat or restoring it to its original look.

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