Surface preparation – London barge

This is a story we wanted to share. We have just finished preparing and recoating a London barge. This barge will become a floating restaurant on the Thames in the near future.

London barge with its new coating

We cleaned the barge and coated it using Jotun Marathon 550 paint.

The paint is applied to unblasted steel, and is a two part polyamine and epoxy coating. Ideal for tidal or splash zones, and can be applied to carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and concrete  substrates.

The paint has to be applied at exactly the right thickness to ensure its integrity.

London barge – work in progress

We loved doing this job, and we wish the barge owners all the very best of luck in their new venture on the Thames.

Grit Blasting UK undetakes all kinds of surface preparation work, see our website for more details.