May 2016 – Grit Blasting UK completes ground breaking work on Wind Turbine.

This month has seen Grit Blasting break new ground with the completion of a surface preparation project on a local wind turbine. With good calm weather, the project was completed within a few days. Removing the industrial paint from the base of the turbine went well, then necessary engineering work by contractors was needed on the base before Grit Blasting completed the spraying. The photos below show the fabulous results which both Grit Blasting UK and the client were very pleased with.

Grit Blasting owner Kierien Barnes reported “These types of projects are ideal for our company, where we can use our skills to great advantage for the client. As with many outdoor jobs, the weather window plays an important part in the process, but with low winds and fine weather we were able to execute the job on time and on budget.”

Take a look at the latest work by Grit Blasting UK: