Case study – railway tanker

This month we are taking a look back at some of our favourite surface preparation projects. As a specialist contractor, we have the opportunity to work on the most extraordinary things.

Once of our most exciting projects has been the blast cleaning, and repainting of a railway tanker belonging to the Dean Forest railway.

The 4 1/2-mile Dean Forest railway line runs through beautiful woodland and countryside, offering a chance to experience the relaxing pace of a typical country branch line. There are five stations along the way.

The route was part of the former Severn and Wye Railway which ran from Lydney to Cinderford. Trains are operated by both steam and heritage diesel locomotives, and heritage diesel multiple units.

Railway tanker before preparation

Grit Blasting UK was asked to blast clean the railway tanker, removing all rust and contaminants, then prime and recoat. The photos show the work in progress. This tanker sits by the road, and is not used on the line currently.

This shows the tanker after blasting, and with a primer coat applied
After top coating….

The society that operates the line started steam locomotive operations in 1971, and bought the trackbed and line from British Rail in 1986, reaching both Lydney Junction and Parkend railway stations by 2005.

We are pleased to be part of the restoration work that is on-going at Dean Forest railway.

Surface preparation – swimming pool case study

Before blasting, where the existing coating was failing…

Ever wondered how to remove an existing coating from a swimming pool?

This is one of our latest projects – the removal of surface coatings from a swimming pool.

The coating on this swimming pool had started to fail, and water was getting behind the top coat. Grit Blasting UK removed all of the coatings, ensuring a clean substrate ready for re-coating.

The pools side and flooring was blasted to remove all of the existing coating.

After blasting….ready for re-coating

The products that were recommended included:

Primer. Dampshield.

Build coat.  Profloor plus epoxy.

Top coat .  P101 two pack polyurethane. 

These products were supplied by Promain UK Ltd.

From home renovation projects like brickwork fireplaces and chimney breasts to blast cleaning industrial units, we offer a comprehensive service for external and internal walls, ceilings, and complete buildings.

We ensure that the right media and the right amount of pressure is applied when we are blasting, giving you confidence in the care we take with your materials when working on any surface preparation project.

Blast cleaning does not damage your original brickwork. We can remove old layers of paint and contamination to restore brick work to its original condition, preparing the surface for a new coat or restoring it to its original look.

Call us today for more details, or visit our website

What we do – its a lot!

We are asked occasionally what we do as a company. Its really hard to categorize, as Grit Blasting is just one of many surface preparation services we do for clients. As we have expanded, we have developed new skills and new technologies.

But in short, we blast clean anything from small home renovation items through to wind turbines, warehouses and steel bridges – and anything in between!

Here for example is a building frame that we recently grit blasted, then using an airless sprayer, we covered it in primer, supplied by Promain Paints Ltd. So in this case we have used our blast cleaning skills, along with out paint spray capabilities to offer our client a one-stop shop service in surface preparation.

Blast clean and spraying from Grit Blasting UK

In the photo above you can see the new shiny paint on a dumper. In this case, we have a number of contracts with local equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We help them blast clean their equipment, ready for re-spraying. Examples include aboricultural and agricultural equipment.

We have two blasting yards – one in Andover and one in Devizes. We also travel anywhere in the UK to undertake surface preparation work. One of our popular mobile services is floor preparation, where we have specialist concrete grinding expertise and equipment to remove stubborn contaminants, and the skills to apply new coatings to the freshly prepared surface.

So if you our your business needs specialist contractor services for surface preparation, please do visit our website where you will find case studies and details on our service. We are the UK’s leading surface preparation company, offering high value blast cleaning, paint spraying and powder coating facilities.

Our premises – where you can find us

  • Surface preparation experts
  • Blast cleaning
  • Powder coating
  • Paint spraying

We operate a national UK service. Our mobile blasting units travel to all parts of the country.

Locally, we have two blasting facilities where we do our preparation work for grit blasting, paint spraying and powder coating. (This is sometimes known as shotblasting, sandblasting and is generally blast cleaning).

Our blasting facilities are in Andover and Devizes. In Andover we are based at Lopcombe in Jack’s Bush Farm. In Devizes, we are situated in the quaint village of Market Lavington. Our blasting facilities service our local clients which include large engineering firms, arboriculture equipment suppliers, fleet suppliers, agricultural equipment manufacturers and many more.

You can find more about us at, or contact us at Our telephone number is 07811 770635.

We undertake large contract work nationally as well as local projects


Grit Blasting UK – Mount Pleasant Yard, Market Lavington, SN10 4DP

Grit Blasting UK – Jack’s Bush Farm, Lopcombe, Andover, SP5 1BZ

Home renovation – the work we do

Here’s a great example of the type of work we do for home and building renovation. Our client is doing a barn conversation and asked us to grit blast or blast clean an external wall.

In this case, the cleaning process revealed fantastic brick work. The equipment we use makes light work of this, stripping off the layer(s) of ageing paint, taking the brick work back to almost original condition.

The before and after pictures show the result perfectly. You can now see the different brick and materials used. Another happy client, and a wall with a great life-time ahead of it.

Grit Blasting recruiting following expansion

With our expansion under way, we are now recruiting new staff at our Andover premises.

Our new Powder Coating facility is up and running, and with our expanding surface preparation work for our nationwide clients growing monthly, this means we need new experienced blast cleaning staff to help with the growing workload.

Our new Indeed recruitment page gives all the details on the roles available, and you can visit our website to see the range of work we do.

We are looking for experienced Blast Cleaners, Grit Blasters or Surface Preparation expertise.

Our Indeed recruitment page is here:

May 2016 – Grit Blasting UK completes ground breaking work on Wind Turbine.

This month has seen Grit Blasting break new ground with the completion of a surface preparation project on a local wind turbine. With good calm weather, the project was completed within a few days. Removing the industrial paint from the base of the turbine went well, then necessary engineering work by contractors was needed on the base before Grit Blasting completed the spraying. The photos below show the fabulous results which both Grit Blasting UK and the client were very pleased with.

Grit Blasting owner Kierien Barnes reported “These types of projects are ideal for our company, where we can use our skills to great advantage for the client. As with many outdoor jobs, the weather window plays an important part in the process, but with low winds and fine weather we were able to execute the job on time and on budget.”

Take a look at the latest work by Grit Blasting UK: