Concrete floor preparation

As the year comes to a close, Grit Blasting UK prepares for another full year in 2020. With our continued investment in our floor preparation services, we are taking the winter break to service our equipment and upgrade the transport needed to carry our concrete floor preparation equipment around the country. Yes, one of our Grit Blasting UK fleet of flat-bed vans and lorries gets a make-over!

Equipment checks over winter start now….

Floor preparation and concrete preparation is a big requirement for many contractors. We have the skills and latest equipment to undertake medium and large scale projects. Warehouses, out of town premises, aircraft hangers, factories to name just a few.

Grit Blasting uses the very latest technology – concrete floor scabbling.

Concrete scabbling is used to expose the aggregate, creating a roughened surface on the concrete on which further concrete may be poured or protective coatings or wear courses applied. The surface prepared is dust free, chemically clean and free from micro cracks which can cause premature bond failure.

We offer a UK wide concrete floor preparation service, so please do contact us today for more information or visit our website

Floor Preparation – from the experts

Larger construction and engineering companies now rely on Grit Blasting UK as a preferred sub-contractor because of our reliability and experience. This is particularly the case in floor preparation.

Floor preparation is an efficient and environmentally acceptable dust free method of preparing concrete surfaces. Grit Blasting UK uses it expertise and the latest in diamond floor grinding technology to provide a clean, professional finish ready for the application of surface treatments such as paint.

Grit Blasting is undertaking more and more floor preparation projects for contractors. The demand for “out of town” warehouses, shopping centres, factories and other storage space is giving rise to the need for preparation of much bigger floor spaces, and required in a shorter time frame because of the tight deadlines on the overall building and construction jobs where cost control is critical.

Investing in the latest technology is key to reducing the timescales on bigger jobs such as floor preparation. We maintain a fleet of diamond floor grinders applicable for any size of project, and the latest staff training ensures an efficient and highly skilled team familiar with the latest techniques.

An understanding of the science behind the materials, the paint applications as well and the safety needs of the work and the after-care of the materials is also a key requisite of our work.

We undertake any size of floor preparation work and are experts in our field with over 20 years’ experience

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