Shotblasting, gritblasting or sandblasting?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is ‘whats the difference between shotblasting and sandblasting’ or ‘what is gritblasting’?

We’ll try and answer that here for you! Shotblasting tends to be an older phrase, and here in Andover, and at our Devizes blasting premises we are often fielding these questions.

The two terms seem similar but sandblasting and shot blasting are different processes used in blast cleaning trade.

Shotblasting is often a generic term used to describe sandblasting or gritblasting. The difference however is the application technique used in cleaning and preparation.

The sandblasting or gritblasting process uses compressed air to blast abrasive media like sand against the product being cleaned. Shotblasting uses force from a mechanical device to propel ‘shot’ metal media to clean the surface.

Sandblasting is a less invasive abrasion process. Sandblasting or gritblasting is less forceful than shot blasting. With light pressure and soft media materials like organics or glass, very sensitive surfaces can be treated with little risk of any damage.

In blast cleaning we rarely use sand now. There is far safer and environmentally friendly media. These include those manufactured from minerals, metals, glass, plastics and organics like corn cobs and walnut shells.

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Gritblasting in action

Home renovation – the work we do

Here’s a great example of the type of work we do for home and building renovation. Our client is doing a barn conversation and asked us to grit blast or blast clean an external wall.

In this case, the cleaning process revealed fantastic brick work. The equipment we use makes light work of this, stripping off the layer(s) of ageing paint, taking the brick work back to almost original condition.

The before and after pictures show the result perfectly. You can now see the different brick and materials used. Another happy client, and a wall with a great life-time ahead of it.