Case study – railway tanker

This month we are taking a look back at some of our favourite surface preparation projects. As a specialist contractor, we have the opportunity to work on the most extraordinary things.

Once of our most exciting projects has been the blast cleaning, and repainting of a railway tanker belonging to the Dean Forest railway.

The 4 1/2-mile Dean Forest railway line runs through beautiful woodland and countryside, offering a chance to experience the relaxing pace of a typical country branch line. There are five stations along the way.

The route was part of the former Severn and Wye Railway which ran from Lydney to Cinderford. Trains are operated by both steam and heritage diesel locomotives, and heritage diesel multiple units.

Railway tanker before preparation

Grit Blasting UK was asked to blast clean the railway tanker, removing all rust and contaminants, then prime and recoat. The photos show the work in progress. This tanker sits by the road, and is not used on the line currently.

This shows the tanker after blasting, and with a primer coat applied
After top coating….

The society that operates the line started steam locomotive operations in 1971, and bought the trackbed and line from British Rail in 1986, reaching both Lydney Junction and Parkend railway stations by 2005.

We are pleased to be part of the restoration work that is on-going at Dean Forest railway.