Looking for an industrial concrete floor preparation contractor?

The interesting thing about floor preparation is that its very niche. Finding a contractor can be a conundrum, particularly if you have never procured such a service before.

We get approached every day from Quantity Surveyors and building contractors who need to sub-contract their concrete floor preparation. Whether its preparing a concrete floor for painting, or just prepping the concrete surface, having the right equipment, and the right skills is fundamental.

If you are about to ask sub-contractors to quote for similar work, here’s a few things to consider.

Equipment. Larger scale projects need to be cost effective, so size of equipment in relation to square footage of the concrete flooring project is key. Contractors using smaller equipment – normally used for small to medium size projects will inevitably cost more in the long run in time taken.

Experience. From costing the project, through to the final surface finish, contractor experience will reduce the risk considerably on bigger or higher contract values. Knowledge of flooring surface contaminants, costing variations, potential ‘blind spots’ on the project, new surface paint applications and project dependencies are all key.

Quality. “You get what you pay for” is a well used adage. In preparing concrete floors for industrial or commercial use, longevity in surface prepping and coatings is vital.

Having quality equipment with skilled contactors means producing a high quality finish. Edging of concrete floors for example is important – and many machines and sub-contractors are not able to go right to the flooring edge, due to the technology used. Investment in floor grinding and grit blasting equipment is expensive, and certainly not cost effective for a one-off job, so finding a high quality specialist contractor, with a known reputation is key. Their understanding of the right equipment to use for the surface / substrate is crucial to a successful job.

Grit Blasting UKexperienced specialist floor preparation

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At Grit Blasting UK we have the latest equipment to undertake medium and large scale projects. Warehouses, out of town premises, aircraft hangers, factories to name just a few. This includes specialist flooring preparation work in historic buildings, national colleges, car manufacturing factories and national heritage properties.

Grit Blasting uses the very latest technology – including diamond floor grinding.

This is used to expose the aggregate, creating a roughened surface on the concrete on which further concrete may be poured or protective coatings or wear courses applied. The surface prepared is dust free, chemically clean and free from micro cracks which can cause premature bond failure. Our video shows the process.

Diamond Grinding is used to remove waterproof membranes, latex, adhesives etc. It is ideal for removing imperfections in the concrete surface, particularly on larger scale projects.

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Innovatech diamond grinding technology

We also offer an end-to-end service including paint or surface treatment or coating application as well as surface preparation. In conjunction with our suppliers, we are able to cost-effectively source paint and specialist floor covering, and apply using the right techniques to high standard finishes.

Check out our case studies, demonstrating the work we have done previously. We update these on a regular basis.

For more information on our concrete floor preparation services, please contact us today. www.gritblastinguk.co.uk, email us as enquiries@gritblastinguk.co.uk or call on 07811 770 635.