Surface preparation – London barge

This is a story we wanted to share. We have just finished preparing and recoating a London barge. This barge will become a floating restaurant on the Thames in the near future.

London barge with its new coating

We cleaned the barge and coated it using Jotun Marathon 550 paint.

The paint is applied to unblasted steel, and is a two part polyamine and epoxy coating. Ideal for tidal or splash zones, and can be applied to carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and concrete  substrates.

The paint has to be applied at exactly the right thickness to ensure its integrity.

London barge – work in progress

We loved doing this job, and we wish the barge owners all the very best of luck in their new venture on the Thames.

Grit Blasting UK undetakes all kinds of surface preparation work, see our website for more details.

May 2017 – Eton College Flooring Preparation Project.

The work of a sub-contractor is a varied and interesting one. In May 2017, Gritblasting Uk undertook a contract for Eton College. Steeped in history and dating from 1440, this Windsor based institution had the floor of one of its larger rooms renovated by our team.

Using the latest new electric diamond floor grinder we removed the existing coatings from 330 square metres of concrete flooring, ensuring a perfectly prepared surface for new coatings to be applied.

Working in an architecturally historic building is not without its challenges but with careful preparation, experience and the right equipment we were able to provide our contractors with the flooring outcome they wanted.

Using our knowledge and experience along with our range of diamond floor grinders, GritblastingUK can grind concrete flooring. This can provide the perfect preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and flooring paints. By removing rubber deposits, adhesives, bitumen coatings and impacted dirt from factory and warehouse floors, we leave a prepared surface ready for recoating.

If you would like a copy of our case study on Eton College, it can be downloaded here.