Our recent case study – concrete floor preparation

We have just completed a concrete floor preparation project which was in a hospital basement. We were asked to remove the contaminants which included paint and resin from the floor of what was once a staff room in the hospital.

Concrete floor preparation – halfway through

By using the latest diamond grinding technology, we were able to remove the stubborn top surface of the concrete, leaving the substrate fully prepared for its new coating.

Concrete floor after diamond grinding – a perfect substrate

Concrete floor preparation is a specialist contractor project. Requiring heavy equipment, knowledge of the work and the right environment, the surface is not only prepared but all dust and particles must be removed from the site.

Grit Blasting UK offers a nationwide concrete floor preparation service. We are able to remove all surface contaminants including resins, vinyl tiles, glues, paint and other substances.

In addition to our preparation work, we work in partnership with Promain UK to supply, prepare and coat concrete surfaces with new applications.

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